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Downtown Jonesborough Loan Program


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The Downtown Jonesborough Loan program provides a financial opportunity for small business owners, property owners, or investors to purchase or renovate a downtown property; or to purchase equipment for the direct purpose of business creation, expansion, or retention.  It offers the possibility of:

A low-interest loan of up to $25,000 (in some circumstances the loan can exceed $25,000) to be applied toward the down payment and/or closing costs for any existing or new business within the Downtown Jonesborough District.

A loan for renovation costs above the bank loan.

A microloan up to $25,000 (in some circumstances the loan can exceed $25,000) to cover renovation of buildings and financing for equipment loans. Click the button below to view the brochure. 

How the Program Works

Your business is purchasing a building in downtown Jonesborough for $100,000.   You also plan on making $80,000 worth of renovations to the building for a project cost of $180,000.  A down payment of $36,000 (20% of $180,000) and closing costs of $4,000 total $40,000. 

Financing could be as follows:

Participating Bank
80% for 15 Years
Prime Plus 1.5%
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Downtown Loan Program
For 10 Years at 4%
Your $20,000
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